Introducing the ‘Digital Value Management System (DVMS) Institute’

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Over the years, digital threats and challenges have become more severe, and organizations’ responsibility to do more has increased. The DVMS Institute recognizes these emerging challenges and is committed to reshaping how organizations perceive and cope with digital risk, resiliency, and privacy management.

From the outset, the DVMS Institute’s mission was to provide organizations of any size, scale, or complexity with an affordable, pragmatic, and scalable approach to facilitating secure, resilient, and auditable digital outcomes.

In January 2017, the Institute released its NIST Cybersecurity Professional accredited certification training programs to teach organizations of any size, scale, or complexity a standardized approach to adapting the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and its informative reference control systems (NIST 800-53, ISO 27001) across an enterprise and its supply chain. In 2020, the Institute released an updated version (Rev 2) of its NIST Cybersecurity Professional training programs.

In November 2022, the Institute released its first two bodies of knowledge, providing guidance based on a Digital Value Management Overlay System to enable organizations to meet the stringent expectations of both government regulators and operational stakeholders. The Institute also released another update (Rev 3) to its NIST Cybersecurity Professional training programs, which now includes these DVMS publications as part of its courseware kit.

Today, the DVMS Institute, along with partners APMG International and TSO publishing, announces a new standardized brand identity and certification badging system to reflect not only a candidate’s understanding of how to operationalize the NIST Cybersecurity Framework but the Digital Value Management System as well.

“We are delighted to announce the next stage for the DVMS Institute – a coherent brand identity across our ecosystem of partners and a standardized badging system for candidates. Alumni of the education programs and organizations recognize the value of being seen, as does the growing community, and we wish to make this community more visible to achieve its true impact. To achieve our mission to equip organizations with a scalable approach, the brand behind the guidance needs to stand out.

“We give a huge ‘thank you’ to our training partners, APMG and TSO for their continued support. We now look forward to sharing more news of our goals for the future and showcasing some new DVMS content via a dedicated track at the PINK24 conference in Las Vegas in February 2024.”

Rick Lemieux – Founder and Managing Partner of the DVMS Institute

We urge all to follow the DVMS Institute for guidance on “HOW TO” engineer, operationalize and continually innovate your digital business capabilities. As Cloud Services continue to transform the creation and management of digital infrastructure, the DVMS Overlay Model, underpinned by well-known frameworks from NIST and standards from ISO, will revolutionize how organizations manage their digital risk, resiliency, and privacy.

The DVMS Institute stands at the forefront of this rapidly changing environment, ready to guide, educate, and equip. Let’s journey together towards secure, resilient, and auditable digital outcomes.

Note: The DVMS brand and NIST cybersecurity programs are currently being updated with partners, and we anticipate this work to be completed by January 12, 2024.

If you have any questions about the brand update and program changes, please contact

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